How To Develop A Forex Trading Plan

forex tradingA trading plan is one of the key elements that forex traders need to become successful. It is an organized approach that the trader uses to execute several trading systems based on the market outlook and analysis. A disciplined approach can guarantee many years of successful trading provided that you follow it to the end. The key benefits of a trading plan are: [Read more…]

Pros and cons of working with independent vs network agencies for digital marketers

digital marketing jobsThe importance of digital marketing is being realized immensely and there is a burning market for digital marketers. More and more retail and even B2B companies are moving towards e-commerce and are looking for skilled digital marketers to direct and manage their online marketing channel. Amidst such a demanding market condition, a key question that many digital marketers face is whether they should work with an independent marketing agency or should they join a bigger network marketing agency. [Read more…]