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There are many advantages from having webmaster accounts in both Google and Bing. Webmaster tools are meant to narrow the gap between webmasters and search engines and it is the only real channel of communication between you and the search engine giants. It is therefore necessary to register your web site in both Google and Bing webmaster tools.
What to expect from webmaster tools?

There is a lot of information in webmaster tools but as a beginner you should expect the following:

To receive important messages or warnings about the healthiness of your web site (e.g. malware)
To find out how many pages are indexed by search engines
To find out how many links are pointing to your site

To troubleshoot crawler access issues
To see detail information on what keywords your site is associated with and your position in the search results. This is especially important for SEO purposes.

How to use Google Webmaster tools – a quick guide for beginners

Let’s take a closer look at Google webmaster tools and how you can answer the above questions.

Add your web site to Google webmaster tools

First you need to go to www.google.com/webmasters and register with your Google account (Gmail)
Once you are registered the next step is to add and verify your web site.

You can watch this short video and follow the instructions in this link to get started.
After your web site is verified the next step is to submit an XML sitemap. In my previous SEO tips for beginners article (section 11); I explained what an XML sitemap is. You can also read this tutorial from Google on how to submit your sitemap
Steps 1 -3 are needed only once so after you have added your web site you can continue with the rest of configuration and reports

5 Most essential employments of Google Webmaster instruments

1. Register for email notices

Once in the dashboard of website admin apparatuses click the Preferences join from the left menu

Verify that Enable email warnings check box is checked. This is essential and will permit Google to send you an email for any issue with respect to your site.

2. Set favored space

It is critical to understand the Google and other web indexes consider digitalmoneymakers.com as two distinct spaces. As such the www rendition is not the same as the non www adaptation. I won’t go into more points of interest here however what is vital is to situated in website admin apparatuses how you need Google to treat your site with the www or without the www.

To change this setting, select your site from the locales recorded and tap on settings which is under setup

3. Crawler and access lapses

The Crawl mistakes report under Health can let you know whether there is an issue with DNS, Server Connectivity or different access slips. On the off chance that you see numerous lapses or a considerable measure of notices you may need to contact your specialized website admin or facilitating supplier.

4. Get as Google

In the event that you think or need to watch that Google can get to your site effectively you can utilize the get as Google report. You can test your landing page or any particular page of your site.

5. Look inquiries, connections to your site and Internal connections.